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Driving #RacismOutOfSport

Encouraging more #DiversityInSport


GB 14U No 5 Tennis Junior



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Mr Mackay almost vindicated what British Asians had been saying for 30 years, that a culture of racial prejudice at coaching level in English football existed. He was exposed for discriminating against non-white footballers. How many more coaches like Malky Mackay have there been?


All those stories from Asian footballers once deflected as race card rhetoric, the Sports Think Tank Report concluding Elite English Football coaching as racially bias, and the vast inaction of global football authorities regarding racism in football over the last 15 years, have led some to believe that the football industry could be institutionally racist.

Family and colleagues in grass roots football have shared experiences of racist referees and teams and how during matches they’ve just WALKED OFF in protest. More recently Kevin Prince Boateng WALKED OFF during a match in Italy after receiving racial abuse from the stands. We support this action, as nobody should have to face racism whilst playing sport...............

Why WalkOff

Malky Mackay

I used to hear stories from British Asians being told they could not kick the ball hard enough, had bad diets and that they should stick to managing corner shops. In later years I heard the same excuses myself. I later questioned why there were no British Asian footballers of Indian/Pakistani origin, playing professional football.

Asians can't play football

Our team consists of Youth Workers, Sports Coaches, Social Workers, Designers, Academics, Lawyers & Personal Trainers, with more skilled people expected to join!


Our skills & experiences range from criminal, race equality & child protection law to Sports PR & Branding design, health & nutrition and engaging diverse communities for greater cohesion via grass roots sport in London & Northern England.


All our supporters & ambassadors make up our talent directory. They’re either freelance professionals, or people looking for a career change in to sport. WalkOff aims to promote more employment and leadership opportunities in sport, for BAME communities.


We work with all individuals in sport to further opportunities for leadership, raise awareness of racism and antiracism, and to draw like-minded people together to encourage participation in sport for all as players, administrators and leaders at all levels.


Our network is currently growing which has allowed WalkOff to engage with leading sports authorities. With our conciliation skills & knowledge of diversity, we can engage leading sports bodies in the hope of finding solutions through collaborations with Elite & Grass roots sport

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