Driving #RacismOutOfSport

Encouraging more #DiversityInSport


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We want to drive #RacismOutOfSport & encourage more #DiversityInSport We promote grass roots sport in (BAME) Black & minoritised Ethnic communities. For us diversity also means helping young people from underprivileged backgrounds access costly sports such as Tennis. We'd like to see more Presenters, Designers, Athletes, Coaches, Managers, Agents Marketers, etc in sport, who are from these communities.

WalkOff is not a charity or business but a new Social Movement run by elite athletes, sports professionals & fans worldwide. Formed by a group of community minded volunteers with 50 plus years of combined experience in grass roots sport & youth communities in London & Northern England.

We have seen BAME sporting talent succeed but also face neglect. We want to reduce this neglect faced by athletes in elite sports academies. We’re currently working with budding athletes who need guidance and support. We want more diversity in sport both on & off the field to better reflect the vast diversity of global sports fans & participants.

Education: We'll collaborate with & engage the sports industry when

necessary, with conciliation & expertise in diversity in sport & the workplace.


Union of Athletes & Sports Professionals: Our ambassadors will drive our campaign

via various media platforms. They’ll also mentor budding sports professionals in grass roots sport via our project initiatives.


Grass roots: Our experience & partners in grass roots sport is a core element for WalkOff. Any issues of prejudice or racism will be shared with our ambassadors. This will trigger a chain of pro-active & positive communication with the relevant sporting groups involved.



As an ex youth worker I had concerns as a mentor of young people & also as a sporting father. I questioned the sports industry’s accessibility for BAME youth & underprivileged communities. How could I encourage young people to pursue a career in sport knowing that prejudice & a lack of opportunity might hold them back. This was further compounded when young Black & Asian footballers use to share their experiences of playing at top flight football academies, with coaches failing to give effective feedback, leaving their development needs sorely neglected.



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Mark Walters

Ex Footballer


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Jasraj Hothi

Writer & Community Activist


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Darius Knight

Table Tennis player & Coach


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Dr Rosie Sexton

Ex Mixed Martial Artist

Luca Appino

Tennis Coach & Advisor


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Naryan Suman

Research Scientist & L3 PT


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Kieron Vorster

Strength, Conditioning & Rehab coach


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Jess Shanahan

Motorsport Journalist


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Lendale Johnson

USA Tennis player & coach


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Bilkis Mahmood

Lawyer & FA Football Agent


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Are you looking for a career in Sport?

Do you want to see more race equality in sport?

Is your sports organisation looking to employ more BAME professionals?

Would you like to become a partner & support our movement?

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Chana S Gill

Chairman Southall FC


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Aman Jaswal

Child Protection Officer Southall FC


Joe Williams

Australian Boxer & Ex Rugby pro


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Terry Singh

Director - China Sport & Edu


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Lance Haggith

Founder of Sports Traider


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Who I am is NOT important! A social movement for Equal opportunities . . .

. . . for me, ANYONE who supports WalkOff is a co-founder




Chisanga Malata

Online Sports Journalist


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Sam Chouhan

Coventry University


Twitter blue small J-SANGHA

Jason Sangha

UK Asian footballer


Twitter blue small Kevin patron

Prof Kevin Hylton

Leeds Beckett University


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Ethan amb

Ethan Mcpherson

Ex Tennis player & Coach


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